Your ‘Why’ has the power to transform your life.

It’s one of the greatest tools you can have; a strong Why acts like a compass, keeping you on track with goals, good habits and creating the life of your dreams; even when the going gets tough!

Let’s take a look at why your Why is so important and how to figure yours out!


Your Why drives your goals

 You’ve come up with some great goals. You know what habits you need to start and changes to put in place to achieve those goals. You’ve broken your goals down into bite-sized chunks so now you know exactly how to reach them. Love your work!

But…. do you know why you’re aiming for this goal?

Having a goal is awesome but you need to have a really compelling reason to reach it. Your Why needs to be powerful.

Without a strong Why to really pull you along, no matter how many tactical things you plan achieve the goal or make new habits, it just won’t stick.


Why is more important than willpower

 Having a powerful Why is critical when you hit challenges along the journey to reaching your goal. Like trying to get up at 5.30am on a cold, rainy morning when you’d planned to hit the gym.

Hellooooo willpower, are you there? *tumbleweeds*

You can’t rely on willpower or motivation alone.

You need to have something deep within your core that’s going to really, really push you to want to achieve whatever it is that you’ve chosen to go after. When your Why is compelling enough, you’ll grab your gym bag and hit the class, even if willpower chose to sleep in.


Your Why should make you cry

I love this saying: “If your Why doesn’t make you cry, it’s not your Why.”

It highlights how important it is for your Why to be fuelled and charged with emotion. You have to get real deep with this Why.

It has to be something that makes you want to achieve your goal, no matter what.


The 5 Whys technique…. how to discover your Why

 I’m going to share a really easy method you can use right away to uncover what your Why is.

I’ve included a download to help you out (click here to download) but you may not need it, how to find your Why is super simple. You need to ask yourself 5 whys.

The 5 Whys technique helps you get to the ‘root cause’ of something; whether it be a problem or a reason. For this exercise, we’re using it to get to the root of your Why.

You need to ask yourself ‘Why?’ 5 times about the goal you’ve set for yourself.

Here’s a super simple example:

Your goal is to exercise more. Here’s how asking Why? 5 times works:

1 – Why do you want to exercise more? Because I want to be more fit and healthy.

2 – Why? Because I want to be able to run around outside playing with my kids.

3 – Why? I want to be able to have fun with them and know that I can be there.

4 – Why? Because I’m afraid if I don’t get fit and healthy I won’t be able to spend as much time with them.

5 – Why? I’m afraid if I don’t spend time with my kids they’ll start looking to other people to be their role models.

Think about how much more powerful the Why is about your children seeing someone else instead of you as a role model than I just ‘I want to be more fit and healthy.’

It’s as simple as that; asking yourself Why 5 times about the goal you’ve set for yourself.

You can do this exercise for each new habit you want to develop or when you’re coming up with the vision for your life too. It’s so important that you know your Why.

Having a compelling Why is a game changer. When you connect the dots and you’re doing everything for a reason, something you feel so strongly about, something you have such an emotional connection to, you can’t fail. You can only succeed!


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