Are you celebrating enough? Not taking the time to celebrate means you’re literally robbing yourself of a key feeling that reinforces success and builds powerful momentum.

Ok, I hear you. You’re like…celebrating? Like a Woooohoooooo!!!!!  type of celebration??

Yep, I mean a WoooooHoooooooo!!! celebration for sure! Sound crazy? Let me explain.

In our brains, we have a little happy chemical called serotonin. When we celebrate and reward ourselves for a job well done, our brain releases serotonin and our bodies get a little hit of happiness.

We love the feeling of the happiness hit (who wouldn’t!) so our brain looks for ways to get more.

When you apply this happiness hit to your work or life by celebrating achievements, you really build the momentum of getting more done….and enjoying yourself along the way!


Celebrate your wins, no matter how small

The secret though? You have to celebrate every success, no matter how small.

You don’t need to go throwing a party every time you create an Insta post for your business page, but do recognise and reward yourself.

Even if it’s as simple as getting a little thrill from ticking it off your to-do list. Just do something to reinforce the happy feeling so your brain knows “Hey, that was good!” and looks for more.

Those big achievements? They definitely deserve a celebration! Finished your first half-marathon? Treat yourself to a new pair of runners or a luxe recovery massage. Nailed a big work project? Take yourself out for lunch and a glass or two of red!

Doing this puts you on an amazingly productive cycle of achievement, celebration, achievement, celebration, achievement.

It’s all about anchoring that feeling of achievement and celebration and not just falling into the trap of achievement.


The trap of achievement without celebration

When we get stuck in the trap of achievement without celebrating, life is just one long, monotonous cycle of achieving. Got it done? What next? Achievement. What next? Achievement. What next? Achievement.

We’ve been conditioned to move immediately onto the next goal, rather than celebrate a well-deserved win. Type-A’s; I’m especially talking to you guys right now!

Never stopping to smell the flowers, enjoy the moment and look how far you’ve come is a path to burnout central and feeling unsatisfied, no matter what you do. This isn’t a happy way to live.

Celebrating achievements not only helps maintain productivity, it makes staying productive (for those who do it naturally anyway) way more fun.

During my coaching sessions, a lot of the amazing women I work with often say “Oh I achieved nothing this week.” but then I ask them about the week and they’re like “Well, I did this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this.”

That sure seems like a lot of things for somebody who’s done nothing!

The problem is, they didn’t stop and celebrate the moment, so it felt like they did nothing. Sure, maybe they didn’t achieve all of their goals for that week, but they achieved 99% of them!

They didn’t celebrate and recognise themselves for what they actually did achieve….and that’s such a shame.

It’s so very important to celebrate your wins, no matter how small. I promise you, if you do this one little thing that most people miss, it’s absolutely going to help you skyrocket your success.


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