One of the big secrets to success is having a squad. What exactly do I mean by that?

Your squad is the group that cheer you on. Having people to keep you accountable, to inspire you, to support you, to teach you and help you on your journey to success.

There are so many reasons why you need amazing people around you, and in your life, to be on your journey to success. While most of us know that, the reality is we probably don’t always have the right people around us.

I love this quote from personal development guru Jim Rohn –


“You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with, choose wisely.”


It’s so true, you  really do have to choose wisely. I’m saying you need to get rid of your friends and family that aren’t the most supporting and uplifting, but I am saying you need to be very intentional about who you spend your with.


How can you attract the squad of your dreams?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of people are in the squad of your dreams. Make a list of all of the people you’d love to have in your squad. These can be people you know, people you admire, influencers, famous people; anyone can be on the list.

Who are the people you really want to have as your BFFs? Who are the people that you’d love to spend time with every day?

The people who will support you, the people who will teach you, the people who will help you shortcut your way to success. Think of all of those people who’s energy, inspiration and support you’d love to have around you.

With this list, you’ve now got your dream squad mapped out. Which is great, but you’re probably thinking “How do I actually get those people?”  We’ll get to that soon, I promise!

Now I want you to write down not just who they are but why you want them to be in your squad.

What is it about them? What are the attributes of somebody that makes it onto your squad?




Their success and the lessons you can learn from them?

When you have a list the attributes of the amazing people that are going to make your squad, I want you to think through all of the people that you know right now.

Who has some of these characteristics? Is there anyone you could invest  more time with and you could learn from them, laugh with them or, you get positive vibes from them?

If you’ve gone through your list of people you know, but still don’t feel like you have a complete dream squad, don’t stress. There’s more.

The next thing you need to do is start to find these people by networking. I have a great friend who calls networking ‘net weaving’. You’re really weaving your way around and figuring out how and where to find your dream squad members.

Maybe it means going to networking events in your area. If you want to ‘recruit’ someone into your squad who has a specific background or skill, go to networking events related to that topic. If you want to meet more active, healthy people, join a bootcamp group. Think of the specific characteristics you’re seeking a join a group based on those.

Even if you love the sound of networking, I know plenty of you will be saying ‘I just don’t have time.’

Maybe you don’t have time for face to face networking but what about online?

You’re online now right? Check out Facebook groups or other online communities that you can be part of. Often, when you join an online course, you get access to a community of other people taking the same training. This is a brilliant opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

I’ve met some really awesome people who have become my best friends at live training events, online training events and inside Facebook groups.

I believe your squad plays a huge role in your success. I really do.

You need to have those people around you to help you on your journey. Whether that’s through accountability, support, education or inspiration, you just need awesome people around you.

Because having an awesome squad has played such a big part in my journey, I’ve put together an exclusive group called the Success Squad. We’re a group of positive, proactive women, who are absolutely supporting one another on their journey to success.


Access to the Success Squad is closed now but you can join the waitlist and I’ll let you know when doors open again! Visit: jointhesuccesssquad.com


Of course, I’d love for you to join, but I’m not telling you this to sell it to you. I’m telling you because I believe in the power of a squad so, so much!

Even if you’re a shy or introverted person (hands up introverts, I see you!) you can still create your own dream squad. Look at the attributes you’ve written down on the list. Now, go and ‘spend time’ with these types of people online by following their podcasts, reading their blogs and books and following them on the socials. Take their content and absorb their knowledge and experience.

You’re absorbing their energy, you’re absorbing their teaching and their positivity. The more time you spend with those people, even if it’s just virtually, you’re still soaking in the good stuff.

I do this a lot. I’m always listening to podcasts, I read a lot of books, I follow people I feel inspired and motivated by on social media.

I’ve got some great stories from following this method too.

One two occasions, before I had any online presence myself, I was following a few people that were kind of a big deal, like millions of followers,  big deal. Over time I reached out and connected with them and they’re now people I would consider friends.

I built a connection with them by really listening to what they had to say, taking on what they did, giving them feedback, thanking them for the content they shared.

That started to put me on their radar. Then I began to offer them value. If I saw an opportunity where I could help do something in their business or help them do something personally, I would do it, for free.

This wasn’t a money-making thing. This was just me wanting to contribute and help a person was contributing so much to me through their online presence and content. We’ve become friends and I’ve helped them with their business and they’ve helped me with mine.

So don’t underestimate the value of like just spending time listening to people, learning from people and giving people feedback. Adding value without expecting to receive anything in return is key. When you do that, amazing things start to appear in your life. Seriously. I’ve seen it in my own life.

Lastly, let’s talk about who you are.

Are you the kind of person that the sort of people you want to attract into your life will actually want to hang out with? Your vibe attracts your tribe.

If you’re negative, always finding reasons not to go for it or not believing you can do it, do you think amazing, positive, empowering people are going to want to be in your crew? Probably not.

You have to show up as the person they’d want to hang out with and support them too. It’s not all one-sided. You can’t expect put together a superstar success squad while you’re all negative Eeyore over in the corner and never wanting to support anyone else.


Ok, let’s review how you’re going to get the squad of your dreams:

  • Write down all the people you want on the squad – their attributes and characteristics.
  • Think of the people you already know with these attributes.
  • Increase your network – virtually or physically – by seeking out new people with those attributes
  • Begin to follow influencers and people who inspire you on socials, listen to their podcasts, blogs and read their books. Fill your mind with positive, proactive things that help you achieve your goals and become the person you want to be!
  • Think of who you need to be to attract your dream squad.


So go for it! Go get the squad of your dreams and surround yourself with amazing people. Success is contagious.

If want to get started right now, like literally, this minute, head over and join my free facebook group; The Success Collective. It’s an inspiring group of people who are setting and achieving the kind of huge goals that at one time seemed impossible.

I share content there and run challenges from time to time but basically it’s just an awesome way to surround yourself with a positive, energised group who are getting after their goals in a big way! I’d love to see you there!


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