“If I work harder, I’ll be more successful. When I’m more successful, things will be easier – then I’ll have more time to take care of my well-being.”

…Before I gained control of my life, that was my mantra – but it turned out to be a trap.

I may not have fully realized it at the time, but I’d been giving myself permission to put myself last. To put my own well-being at the bottom of the list.

I remember promising myself:

Next year will be my year. I’ll finally get in shape.
When things slow down and became a little less hectic, I’ll have time to sleep more.

When I’m not traveling as much, I’ll eat better.

But the perfect time to take care of myself never came. The lesson I learned from it all? The time to put your own well-being first, is now.

I read every book I could find on the topic of wellness and mindset, attended seminars around the world, and tested strategies on myself until I zeroed in on what worked.

Fast forward to today: I exercise regularly,  am well-rested and centered,  healthy,  happy – and I haven’t compromised the demanding-yet-rewarding career I love.

And the same can happen for you.

You don’t have to wait until you get sick or feel completely burnt out. You don’t have to waste time on strategies that set you up for failure.

I’ve created the blueprint that works so you can fast-forward to the life that always seems just out of reach. I’ve tested it endlessly, and it continues to change my clients’ lives.

And it’s ready for you – it’s your turn to improve your well-being and change your life for good!

I was inspired to create 365+ | Three Six Five Plus after I wrote a post celebrating my completion of EXERCISING EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR.

As a corporate executive, it was way outside of my comfort zone writing about such a personal experience.

I’ve been completely inundated with messages ever since! Messages from people who know me and the hectic life I live, saying “How exactly did you do it? If you can do it, I can too!”

So I began providing individual support and encouragement. Soon I wanted to continue working with those I was already helping while bringing many more people into our community of support.

This dream of mine grew into this 365+ Community full of professional women from all over the world, where you can learn the most effective strategies, put them into action, and get all the support and encouragement you’ll need to make sure the changes stick.

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