Do you struggle to get up in the morning?

I know it can be hard to convince your bleary-eyed self to spring out of bed and stop hitting the snooze button again and again. If that sounds like you, I’ve got 10 tips to help you bounce out of bed every morning, filled with energy and excited to take on the day!


1 – Get enough quality sleep

Lack of sleep is the number one suspect to blame for sleep inertia. It might sound simple, but the reality is if you haven’t had enough quality sleep you’re not going to be able to bounce out of bed.

Aim for at least seven hours’ sleep every night. If you’re not at seven hours yet, you can build it up over time. When you’re fully refreshed and recharged, it’s so much easier to bounce out of bed in the morning.


2 – Set your alarm and put it out of reach

The second thing that you need to do is set your alarm. Any kind of alarm; your phone or old school style alarm.

Set it and then put it out of your reach. Put it far enough away from your bed that you can’t just wake up and hit the snooze button without leaving your bed.

You need to have to actually physically get out of bed to go and stop that baby!

Put it on the other side of the room that’s going to force you to leap out of bed and stop that thing going.

Choosing the sound of your alarm can also make a difference. You can make it something really annoying that you hate listening to so you literally get out of bed as quickly as possible to stop it.

Or, you can choose a song that really pumps you up and energises you to get out of bed. This is what I do and it works a treat!


3 – Take some deep breaths

Now it’s time to take a couple of deep breaths. Fill up your lungs and breathe in and breathe out a couple of times.

When you’re sleeping, your breathing is quite shallow and your body isn’t getting as much oxygen because you don’t need so much while you sleep.

When you wake up though, taking those couple of deep breaths will kickstart your energy levels and give you that buzz you need to take on the day and leap out of bed in the morning.


4 – Have a big glass of water

While you’re sleeping your body becomes dehydrated. One of the best things you can do for your energy levels is to drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning. You need to rehydrate yourself after not drinking for at least seven hours.

As a bonus tip, add some lemon into the water to make it a little more alkalizing for your body which has proven to have many health benefits.

I’d also recommend having lukewarm, room temperature water, not super cold water or hot water.


5 – Jump out of bed

Yep, I mean like literally leap out of bed. Whether you feel like it or not, force yourself to leap out of bed! Don’t lay there, reach for your phone and spend half an hour scrolling through Instagram and Facebook.

Whatever has happened on the socials can wait at least half an hour, don’t get sucked into staying in bed reading through the latest updates.


6 – Let some natural light in

If you have natural light outside, bust open those curtains and let the light in. Light gives your body a hit of melatonin which lets your body know it’s morning and time to get up and get at it!

If you don’t have a great source of natural light, turn on an artificial light, it’s better than keeping the room dark and cosy. When the room is like that, it’s all too easy to give in to the siren call of ‘just 5 minutes more…..’

Switch on those lights, open those curtains and let your body know it’s time to start the day.


7 – Play motivational music

Listening to one of your favourite motivational tunes can really put a punch of energy into your morning. As I mentioned before, I have my music set as my alarm so my favourite song starts to play right away.

If you need some inspo, check out Youtube and Spotify, they’re full of motivational playlists ready to get your morning started right!


8 – Visualise a positive outcome

This next thing to do is visualise. Visualise the way you want your day to turn out. Visualise your goal, visualise achieving something amazing that gets your brain into a positive state right from the start of the day.

When your brain is a positive state it performs so much better than when it’s in a neutral, stressed or negative state.

So kickstart that energy each day by visualising positive outcomes or situations. You’ll shift your mood into an excited, happy state about what you can achieve as opposed to grumpy, negative state.


9 – Say positive affirmations

Now we’ve come to affirmations. Start every day by saying at least one affirmation. It doesn’t have to be complicated or super intense, you don’t need to go researching a bunch of affirmations.

It can be something as simple as saying ‘I am vivacious’. That’s the one that I use all the time because I love it!

It can be really basic stuff like ‘I am happy’, ‘I am going to crush today’‘I am going to be amazing today’ or ‘I’m going to be full of energy today!’.

Beginning the morning with an affirmation like this is all about setting an intention for how you’re going to feel for the day. Set your intention early so there’s no chance for negativity or grumpiness to sneak in before you’ve said something really positive about yourself or the day. Words are powerful stuff people!


10 – Plan something you love doing

The last thing and I’d say this is the most important one, is to plan to do something you really love doing. This is an especially good cure for Monday-itis!

If you wake up and all you’ve got to look forward to is going to work and if that’s not something that really inspires you, it’s not going to be the best start to your day.

So, take a step back and think about what it is you love doing?  Maybe you love smoothies, so decide when you get up, one of the first things you’ll do is make a smoothie!

Or do you love exercising? Then make one of the first things you do every day moving your body.

Maybe you love playing with your kids? Spend 10 minutes playing with your kids every morning before you start the day.

Or perhaps you have a passion project? Something you really love doing. Give yourself some time at the start of the day to work on your passion project.

It could be a million different things, but whatever it is you love doing, make sure you do it early in the day so you’ve got something to look forward too. Something that you want to get out of bed for as opposed to the drudgery of a regular day.

This keeps the positive mood flowing too when you start the day in the right way, that positive mood just continues to spiral. So will a negative mood. I know which one I’d rather have!


If you incorporate these 10 steps into your morning routine, you’ll never get out of the wrong side of the bed again! You’re going to feel full of energy and ready to bounce out of bed and take on the day.

I’ve put together a list of the 10 things you can download here, so you can keep them close as a reminder! Even just incorporating a few things will make a huge difference.

Give it a go for a couple of weeks and let me know in the comments or my Facebook group, The Success Collective, which tip is working best for you!


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